When you’re able to manage financial data from a single vantage point, you gain visibility and control over your accounts and transactions.

accessOPTIMA® is a security-enhanced treasury management platform with real-time information, seamless payment functionality and practical tools to help you meet daily cash flow requirements and make well-informed business decisions.

  • Customizable screens to tailor your workspace for individual needs
  • Integrated payment center to manage transactions and templates in one place
  • Intuitive administration to create, add and control user profiles
  • Real-time reporting to view up-to-date account information, 24/7
  • Security features to help combat fraud and cyber-security threats


Manage a wide range of transactions:

  • Initiate, schedule and review various domestic and international payment types
  • Make Positive Pay decisions to confirm authorized payments and protect against fraud
  • Access multiple report types and view images of items delivered through Lockbox or E-Z Deposit®



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