Paying suppliers by check and reconciling them later can be expensive and time-consuming. Now there’s an easier, cost-effective way to eliminate checks and earn dividends on payments: accessPAYMODE-X.

This online payment application leverages the nationwide reach of the Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X® settlement network and its more than 270,000 participating companies to let you:

  • Make one-time or recurring ACH electronic payments to your suppliers in the network.
  • Receive a percentage of your transaction payments rebated directly to your account.
  • Improve cash flow controls by knowing exactly when payments will be debited from your account.
  • Use payment files in a variety of formats, including Excel® , CSV, NACHA, CTX, XML, BAI, and EDI 820 and 835.
  • Strengthen relationships with suppliers who will benefit from lower costs (relative to card payments) and faster straight-through payment processing, without having to change their back-office banking and accounting systems.
  • View pending and historical transactions online using our accessMONEY Manager® application.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can help you set up accessPAYMODE-X across your locations, integrate it into your existing A/P processes, and provide training and support for users.



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