Reconciling accounts can be a cumbersome process, especially if you have multiple accounts in various locations.

If you’d prefer your financial team to spend more time managing cash flows, and less time chasing uncleared checks or matching paid items back to statements, we can help. Automated account reconciliation solutions can streamline back-office operations and reduce exposure to errors and check fraud. Options include:

  • Partial Reconciliation: We’ll provide a list of checks paid in order of check serial number, along with the paid date and dollar amount, for each reconciliation period. You can view paid check data online in our accessMONEY Manager® application or we can transmit it to you in an electronic data file to be uploaded into your reconcilement system. Paid check images and reconciliation reports can also be delivered via CD-ROM.
  • Full Reconciliation: When you provide a list of checks issued, we’ll reconcile paid checks and identify outstanding items, helping you quickly identify payment problems such as encoding errors and misposts.

Complementing this solution, Deposit Reconciliation makes it easy to identify the origin of deposits made at your home office and satellite locations. And Positive Pay makes it easier to monitor check activity and mitigate check fraud risk while Dual Signature Review protects against fraud by validating signatures on your checks.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can provide more information about these services and help you choose the right options for your business.



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