ACH transactions reduce costs, speed up procurement processes and eliminate paperwork. But the ease and power of ACH can create the risk of unauthorized transactions and fraudulent debits.

Take greater control over ACH transactions and safeguard your accounts against fraud with ACHieve Access®. This powerful online tool enables you to:

  • Designate which incoming ACH debits can post to your accounts.
  • Block unauthorized debits.
  • Receive email notifications on unauthorized ACH debits and origination file status.
  • Review unauthorized ACH debits based on your specific rules, and accept or reject them immediately.
  • Set up separate amount and transaction limits for each authorized originator in your organization.
  • Perform online inquiries on originated and received ACH transactions posted to your accounts over the past 40 days.

ACHieve Access is compatible with our online accessOPTIMA® application and is often used in conjunction with our Cash Concentration service.

Work with a Treasury Solutions Specialist to implement ACHieve Access and our other online fraud protection tools in your company.



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