Sustaining growth and profit increasingly takes U.S. companies into global markets. But the price fluctuations of many foreign currencies can quickly squeeze profit margins if not managed effectively. To help identify and manage market and currency exchange risk, count on the expertise and resources of our Foreign Exchange (FX) team.

Currency Hedging

For complex, high-dollar transactions, count on the advice and resources of our FX Trading Desk and Specialists to help reduce currency risk.

Foreign Currency Accounts

Leverage our international correspondent network to conduct banking activities abroad.

Foreign Currency Lending

Use foreign currency loans to hedge against currency risk or provide working capital for your foreign subsidiaries.

FX Online Capabilities

Use CBForex® to execute international payments and currency trading in real time, over the Internet.

FX Products

Select from a wide range of currency payment, swap and loan products to mitigate short- and long-term risks.



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