Even in this electronic age, many customers still send checks, money orders and other paper-based remittances, which can create a “clearing bottleneck” when it takes days for them to be endorsed and deposited manually.

Eliminate this internal bottleneck and reduce the potential for theft and fraud with our Lockbox service. Instead of sending checks to you, your customers send them to a designated P.O. box. We collect payments from the United States Post Office and process them quickly – so you can access your funds faster.

  • Track customer payments more efficiently.
  • View payment images online using our accessOPTIMA® application or receive them through electronic transmissions or CD-ROM.
  • Upload payment data daily – including images, invoice numbers, client numbers and discount amounts – automatically into your A/R system.
  • Receive accurate, timely and flexible reports on deposits received, including exceptions and manual items flagged for your attention.

Two different Lockbox options are available:

  • accessLOCKBOX® for companies with low to moderate volumes of high-dollar receivables
  • Retail Lockbox for businesses that receive a high volume of low-dollar receivables

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can help you evaluate which deposit options are most cost-effective for your company.



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