As companies expand and add new locations and departments, the risk of unauthorized checks and electronic transfers multiplies. The key to stopping fraud in its tracks is to continually review real-time information and implement fraud protection tools in your daily and weekly operations.

Online account protection begins with accessMONEY Manager®, our powerful web-based account management application. It gives you a comprehensive view of all pending and cleared deposits, checks and ACH debit activities across all of your accounts. It lets you upload and download account data to and from your accounting and ERP systems. And accessMONEYManager also serves as the centralized interface to our breadth of account protection solutions, including:

  • accessIMAGE®: View images of current and archived checks, deposits and other documents.
  • ACHieve Access®: View, approve or reject ACH debits before they are paid and posted against your account.
  • Account Reconciliation: Review detailed lists of cleared and pending checks and deposits.
  • Controlled Disbursement: View the total amount of pending check payments each day before they’re disbursed.
  • Dual Signature Review: Signature verification for check payments.
  • Positive Pay: Authorize or reject individual checks posted to your account.
  • Zero Balance Accounts: Automatically transfer all balances from other accounts into your central account.

If you’re away from your desk, you can use our accessMOBILE® application to manage many of these activities securely from your smartphone or tablet.

A Treasury Solutions Specialist can help you determine which of these tools makes sense for your business, oversee their implementation in your locations and provide ongoing training and support.



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