Cybercrime, identity theft and fraudulent checkwriting cost companies billions of dollars every year. And the risks increase when payment authorization is spread across different departments or locations. Whether you or other employees pay by check or electronically via ACH, you can use our Positive Pay service to complement the internal security measures you take to ensure that only authorized payments are made from your account.

Choose from several different Positive Pay options:

  • Positive Pay. Enter issued check numbers and amounts into our portal, accessOPTIMA®, and we’ll verify paid checks, presenting exceptions to you for timely and efficient review online.
  • Payee Positive Pay. Add payee information when entering issued check information to provide an added layer of protection.
  • Reverse Positive Pay. Simplify reconciliation by automatically receiving a daily list of checks presented for payments, identifying any checks you don’t wish to pay and communicating your decision to a Client Services representative.
  • Dual Signature Review. Ensure the security of your payments and protect against fraud by utilizing dual signature verification on your checks.
  • ACHieve Access®  Take even greater control over ACH transactions with this online tool. Specify which incoming ACH debits are approved to post to your accounts, block all unauthorized ACH debits before they occur and take advantage of convenient, efficient review and decisioning capabilities.

For added protection, Positive Pay and Payee Positive Pay verifications can also be conducted at our branch locations.

Positive Pay is often used in conjunction with our Account Reconciliation, Controlled Disbursement and Cash Concentration services to provide a comprehensive solution for consolidating, monitoring, reconciling and safeguarding your accounts. You can get a consolidated view of all of these transactions and decisions online using accessOPTIMA.

Speak with one of our expert Treasury Solutions Specialists to evaluate which options are best for you.



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