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Citizens Bank Online Guarantee®

Our promise. Your peace of mind.

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

Safe. Secure, Error-proof. We guarantee it.

Citizens Bank Online Guarantee

At Citizens Bank, we know how important safe Online Banking and personal security are to you. That's why we developed the Citizens Bank Online Guarantee – a program designed to protect you and your money against online fraud or losses, and to guarantee your bills are paid on time.

100% online fraud protection

We’re dedicated to offering you online fraud protection you can rely on. Just like most major credit cards, you are protected 100% against unauthorized online transactions. If you suspect or discover fraud, just notify us within two business days and you'll have zero liability.*

Accurate and timely Online Bill Pay

Citizens Bank guarantees that your bills will be paid on time and according to your instructions. We'll even reimburse any late fees if we make an error processing your payments. With our safe Online Banking, your bills go where they need to go, and arrive when they need to – guaranteed. For more information please read the Citizens Bank Online Terms and Conditions.

Citizens Bank secure Online Banking measures

To protect against fraud of any kind, Citizens Bank Online has enabled a number of stringent security measures, such as online encryption, firewalls and automatic logoff to prevent any unwanted activity. That's secure Online Banking. That's also safe Online Banking you can always count on.

Mobile Banking security

The same security measures that are enabled for Online Banking are used for our Mobile Banking App. You can feel confident that your transactions are protected and secure.

Privacy pledge

At Citizens Bank, our customers are our most important asset. So we do everything we can to protect you and respect your privacy as you visit our site and use Citizens Bank Online.

Learn more about our online fraud protection promise

To learn more about how we keep your information safe and secure, read our privacy policy and online security documents. Feel free to contact us at 1-800-656-6561, or stop by your local branch to speak with an expert customer care representative.

*The Citizens Bank Online Guarantee applies to Personal Online Banking customers only. Coverage under this Guarantee requires that you notify us of an incident within two business days and also requires that you have complied with the terms in the Online Banking Terms and Conditions, including your responsibility to properly safeguard your User ID and password. This Guarantee may not apply in circumstances of your negligence, or delay in reporting to us. All claims are subject to our investigation and verification. Your account must be in good standing at the time of your claim.

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