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How to Combine Bank Accounts

Take advantage of bank packages that combine checking and savings accounts

Combining bank accounts into a checking package can be a simple way to consolidate the management of your funds. It enables you to have all of your money in one place, making electronic transfers, budgeting and overall money management easier. Whether you're looking to link your own accounts or you're about to get married and are considering a joint account with your spouse, learn how to combine bank accounts and the benefits of bank packages.

Combining bank accounts can make managing your finances simpler

Applying for a checking package, like the Circle Banking Package from Citizens Bank, allows you set up automatic transfers between linked accounts. These transfers can be used to grow savings, pay bills and provide overdraft protection.

When you link your checking account to a savings account, money market account or even checking with interest, set aside at least $100 from each paycheck to be transferred to your savings. You can choose to divide this amount over multiple accounts or keep it in one. As you get more comfortable with your budget or start to earn a little more, start increasing your contributions. You'd be surprised how quickly it can add up.

If you choose to pay bills online, setting up a separate checking account for this purpose could help structure your budget. First, determine how much money you need for your reoccurring bills each month. Then, set up automatic transfers from your primary checking account to your secondary checking account to ensure you have enough money allocated to pay bills and prevent overdrafts.

Another benefit of linking your savings and checking accounts is to ensure you have overdraft protection. While some banks give you the option to set up a separate line of credit as overdraft protection for a checking account, oftentimes individual overdraft fees are waived if you opt to use a savings account instead.

In order to take advantage of a banking package that fits your unique needs, you may want to visit a branch in person. Here they will help you choose the best combination of accounts with features and benefits you'll use, while providing you with the forms you need to complete the transition. Be sure to bring account numbers, your Social Security Number, address and driver's license with you. Once your accounts are connected you can manage them online 24/7.

How to combine bank accounts with your spouse

As you're looking forward to spending your lives together, it's important to understand how each person handles their money and your different attitudes toward money. Take the first step and have a conversation about managing your money before you get married to lessen financial concerns later on. The following tips will help you prepare to combine your bank accounts.

  • Review current bank account information for both you and your spouse and review finances thoroughly. This includes tracking what you make each month, how much you spend, how many loans you have out, investment portfolios and any other expenses or income
  • Create a detailed household budget as a couple before combining finances officially. Be sure to include an emergency fund.
  • Decide how you want to combine banking accounts. Do you want a joint savings account and two separate checking accounts? Would you prefer one joint checking package?
  • Choose which accounts to close and which to leave open as the joint account(s). If you use the same bank, you can quickly and easily combine the accounts. If you each have accounts at different institutions, you may need to close one and turn the other into a joint account. After you're married, bring the marriage certificate to a local branch in order to provide documentation of a name change.
  • Stop all automatic payments from the closing account and wait about two months before closing it. Then, set up direct deposits and automatic payments with the new joint account.

Discover available rewards when you open a checking package

With Citizens Bank, combining your bank accounts in a Circle Gold Banking Package not only makes managing your finances simpler, but it may also provide savings and borrowing benefits.

  • Take advantage of programs like Steady Save® and Goal Track SavingsSM to grow and track your savings accounts when you set up automatic payments.
  • Enjoy discounted overdraft protection through a line of credit or a linked savings account.
  • Link to multiple checking, savings and money market accounts without extra fees, and have individual account fees waived if your combined account balance qualifies.
  • Enjoy reduced mortgage rates as well as credit and debit rewards cards tailored to your spending habits

Consider combining your bank accounts with a Circle Gold Banking Package from Citizens Bank

Get rewarded for combining your bank accounts with Citizens Bank. First, open a Circle or Circle Gold Checking Account today. Then, speak to a qualified representative at 1-877-360-CIRCLE for more information on how to combine bank accounts. Or, stop by a local branch today to link your bank accounts with a checking package or to open a joint checking account with your spouse.



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