Online Bill Pay

Manage your finances with online bill pay

Along with online banking, many banks are offering the convenience and accessibility of online bill pay. Online bill pay gives you the option to pay bills and manage your finances online 24 hours a day, without having to visit a branch. It also provides you with tools to set reminders and automatic payments, reducing the occurrence of late or missed payments.

Take advantage of the benefits of paying your bills online

Online bill pay has a number of benefits for both you and the environment. Managing your finances online is:

  • Fast. Online bill pay is the fastest way to post a payment. Payments submitted online are usually received within 24-48 hours.
  • Convenient. You can pay your bills online anywhere, anytime, 24/7. Plus, you can put your finances on autopilot with recurring payments, or pay bills monthly with one-time payment options.
  • Green. You can help the environment by paying your bills online. With electronic statements and bill pay, there is less of a paper trail.
  • Secure. With site encryption and VeriSign security, making your payments online is safer than sending them through the mail.

How to manage your finances with online bill pay and automatic payments

Paying your bills online can be done two different ways.

  1. Online bill pay. Many banks offer online bill pay services, which enable you to pay bills online manually or to set up recurring payments. With recurring payments, the bank will post payment to your bill providers for you so there are no bill payment dates to remember, no checks to write, no trips to the post office and no late payments fees.
  2. Automatic payments. You can also set up automatic payments with your bill provider simply by providing them with your checking account routing and account numbers. When you do this, payments will automatically be taken from your account each month. This gives you the peace of mind that your bills are paid in full and on time.

To find out what online bill pay services are available to you, stop into a branch or call your bank. Some banks may offer the option to set up recurring payments to companies online, while other may not.

How online bill pay can save you money

Managing your finances online allows you to plan ahead of time and make sure your payments are in by the due date. Many billers have late payment fees, and some even charge fees for payments made same-day.And, if for some reason you miss a billing cycle, it could be reported and appear as a blemish on your credit score. In order to minimize additional cost to your bills or damage to your credit, it is important to make sure you have a detailed schedule of when your bills are due and you set your payments up accordingly.

Pay your bills online with Citizens Bank

Sign up today for online bill pay with Citizens Bank. Set up recurring payments and relax knowing you've protected yourself from late payments and fees. By managing finances online, you can keep track of deposits and debits with the click of a mouse or on your phone. Plus, with the added bonus of Citizens Bank's 100% secure online banking guarantee, you can rest assured that your accounts are safe and secure. To learn more about Citizens Bank's checking account options, call a customer care representative at 1-800-360-2472 or apply for a checking account online.


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