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Financial literacy

Managing money doesn't have to be complicated. We’re committed to strengthening our communities by helping them become financially secure.

Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money

Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money is a program dedicated to giving our fellow citizens the confidence and tools they need to budget, save, invest, and to be overall fiscally healthy. Last year, more than 400 Citizens volunteers brought Financial Literacy education into our communities.

Teaching money lessons during a day of ballpark fun helped engage our audience.

Financial Tools & Calculators

Need help planning your budget or setting savings goals? Run your numbers with a little help from our convenient calculators:

More About Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money

Our Commitment

In April, 2016, we announced contributions to organizations across our footprint to support programming to help individuals, families, and small businesses improve their financial acumen. Read more about our initiative.


The Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money program received the 2015 Joe Belew Award from the Consumer Banking Association.

Fusing baseball and financial basics for the Phillies Junior RBI League

In partnership with the Philadelphia Phillies, we support the Jr. RBI League in their efforts to foster an interest in baseball, good sportsmanship and life skills for 8,000 children throughout Philadelphia, southern New Jersey and Delaware.

Each year we host financial literacy workshops for young members of the Phillies Jr. RBI League, while their parents, guardians and coaches receive guidance on how to better manage their money. After the children earn their Money Smart Certificates, they are given a VIP tour of Citizens Bank Park, tickets to the Phillies game, and a voucher for the concession stands.

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