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Financial Literacy

Managing money doesn't have to be complicated. We’re committed to strengthening our communities by helping them become financially secure.

Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money

Citizens Helping Citizens Manage Money is a program dedicated to giving our fellow citizens the resources, tools and tips to make informed financial decisions and to help gain financial confidence.

This year, more than 400 colleagues will teach financial literacy in our communities.

Our Commitment

In April 2017, we announced our $1.4 million commitment to organizations throughout our footprint to support programming to help individuals, families, and small businesses improve their financial acumen. Our contributions, coupled with our 400 colleagues who are trained to teach financial literacy, will reach more than 260,000 people across our footprint and provide them with the resources and tools to help them manage their money.

Financial Fundamentals

Need help planning your budget, setting savings goals or managing your debt? Learn more through our Financial Fundamentals and use our calculators to help you get started.

Join in the Conversation

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