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Frequently Asked Questions: Wealth Management

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Popular Questions
  • How do I qualify for Citizens Private Bank & Trust services?

    Our services prove most valuable to clients with investable assets in excess of $1.5 million or those who have an annual income above $500,000.

  • What are the benefits of joining the program?

    Some of the benefits of being a client of the Citizens Private Bank & Trust include:

    • A specific Private Banker taking an interest in you. Someone who is accessible and responsive. One-on-one attention and counsel from a dedicated partner and member of your wealth management team.
    • Comprehensive investment strategies — sophisticated asset allocation, equity, fixed income, balanced and short-term asset management — delivered by a seasoned investment professional.
    • Our best relationship rates on checking, money market, and CDs
    • Exclusive checks, credit cards, and debit cards
    • Flexible borrowing services.


  • What types of mutual funds does Citizens Investment Services offer?

    With Citizens Investment Services, you have access to over 1,500 mutual funds.

  • What are the eligibility requirements?

    Priority will be given to applications that:


    • Positively impact low- and moderate-income populations
    • Are in support of capital, equipment, and new project/program seed dollars
    • Show a strong likelihood of success and sustainability
    • Demonstrate a history of strong fiscal responsibility and leadership


  • Are there any funding restrictions?


    These five trusts generally do NOT support:


    • Annual appeals
    • Individuals
    • Religious organizations, including restoration of church buildings (with the exception of the Billings Trust)
    • Labor, fraternal, and veterans organizations (including fraternal orders of police/firefighters)
    • Political organizations or projects
    • Operating deficits
    • Underwriting of conferences and seminars
    • Governmental and quasi-governmental public agencies or organizations
    • Endowments
    • Annual operating support
    • Trips and tours, including transportation costs  




  • How big are the grants?
    • Charitable grants range from $1,000 to $20,000
    • Multiyear grants are primarily for capital or special campaigns and are generally paid over a three- to five-year period
  • What is the review process?


    • It will take eight weeks for a grant request to be reviewed by trustees
    • You will be notified of a grant approval or denial by letter


  • Can awarded grants be publicized?


    • Awarded grants may be publicized by the receiving organizations; kindly reference “Citizens Bank, NA as Trustee” of the trust making the grant, in any printed materials.


  • Who do I contact with questions?

    For questions, please contact

    By Phone: 518-444-2965


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