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What Cold & Flu Season Can Do To Your Bottom Line

By: Stephen Sellner and Jane Goldman | Citizens Bank Staff

A sneeze. Followed by another. And, then that dreaded cough echoes across the office. The first employee has been struck down. A few days later most of your employees are walking around like zombies. It’s the start of cold and flu season.

December through February is typically when flu season peaks. And based on the data, it’s likely to hit your company this year. When it hits, how can you be prepared? It starts with being better informed.

What to remember

Don’t let cold and flu season take your business by surprise. Start with simple preventative steps you can take to help employees stay well and create policies that help mitigate the spread of contagious illnesses. You should also consider your coverage options for when employees need to use their sick days. The better prepared you are, the less impact cold and flu season could have on your bottom line.

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