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How to Crush Your Holiday Shopping Without Crushing Your Bank Account

There’s a delicate balance when it comes to the holidays. You have loved ones in your life whom you’d love to shower with gifts. Unfortunately, life’s expenses don’t take a holiday break like the rest of your office does.

So, how do you afford the right gift for the special people in your life without feeling the effects for months to come?

Stick to your budget

You might have a dollar amount you’d like to spend on gifts this holiday. But all it takes is going a bit overboard on your cousin’s gift and you’re left scrambling. Do you go over budget? Cut back on someone else’s gift?

Or, you could eliminate that headache entirely by using the holiday gift calculator below to set and keep a budget.

Know the gifts to get

OK, now that you’re feeling more confident with a budget for each person’s gift, what can that money get you? A limited budget doesn’t mean you need to break out your arts and crafts kit from grade school.

We’ve partnered with three shopping experts to help identify thoughtful gifts for:

  1. The Secret Snowflake exchange party at work or with friends
  2. The busy woman in your life that you think is hard to shop for but really isn’t
  3. The person that can buy whatever they want, whenever they want, but you still want to get them something thoughtful

Get the gift guides

Gifts for Your Secret Snowflake Exchange by Michelle Madhok
Gifts for the Person Who Has Everything by Trae Bodge
Gifts Busy Women Will Love by Jessica Turner

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