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Online or In Person?

Remember when you had to make an appointment at the bank to do something as simple as cashing a check? Remember when information such as the requirements for opening a bank account weren’t accessible from mobile devices? With all the newly available online and mobile banking options the days of “remember when banking wasn’t so easy…” are long forgotten. However, in many cases making a physical trip to the bank is a valuable opportunity to consult experts on how to maximize your financial options based on personal banking needs.

Why should I get to know my banker?

The better your banker understands your personal finances the easier it will be for them to provide useful financial advice. While you don’t need to discuss with them every time you cash a check, loop your banker in on financial goals and talk in person when making big financial decisions.

How do I decide whether to do something in person or online?

Because online banking options are extensive it’s possible to do everything from opening a bank account to applying for a mortgage from your computer. Whether it’s easier to complete a task online or in person relies on what kind of personal banking experience you are hoping to achieve. Instead of divvying up your banking needs into tasks to be done exclusively in person or online, think about each transaction individually. Do you want to ask for advice about the products and transactions you wish to complete, or do you know exactly what you want and are more concerned about the time it will take to complete the process?

What are you missing out on if you exclusively bank online?

You’ve probably already realized how easy it is to do things like pay bills and transfer funds from a computer, but what about something more complicated, like opening a Roth IRA or buying a home? For larger investments like these it’s always a good idea to do research online ahead of time, but never underestimate the value of talking to a banker face-to-face about available options. Bankers are trained to understand financial needs and can work as a professional sounding board for your financial goals and how to achieve them.

Are there any things you can’t do online?

Yes, you still must physically go into a bank to:

  • Purchase traveler’s checks
  • Have documents notarized
  • Exchange change for bills
  • Trade bills of one numerical value for those of another (like five 20 dollar bills for a one hundred dollar bill, or one twenty dollar bill for 20 single dollar bills)

I've had financial trouble in the past, should I go into a branch more often than others?

The short answer is again, yes. The more detailed answer is that in talking to a banker in person they may be able to provide solutions you hadn’t considered before or explain the reasoning behind why certain options are better than others. Either way it’s a great opportunity to gain professional insight into financial options that wouldn’t be available to you otherwise.

If you’re ready to make the most of your personal banking experience give us a call or visit a local Citizens Bank branch to speak with one of our dedicated bankers today.

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