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Set Up Recurring Payments Online

Consider signing up for auto bill pay options through online banking

Online banking is a safe, convenient way to keep track of your different accounts and transactions. It also provides you with the ability to access paperless statements 24/7, track balances and cashed checks, make transfers between accounts, and set up recurring payments. If you already have a checking account you manage online, setting up auto bill pay for scheduled payments is relatively simple.

The benefits of making online bill payments

Online banking is a secure, private way to pay your bills on time every month. All online activity is supported by a 100% secure online banking guarantee dedicated to protecting you and your accounts from online fraud. The guarantee also promises that your bills will be paid on time according to your instructions and we'll even reimburse any late fees if there is an error processing your payment. Security and privacy aren't the only benefits to making automatic payments online. Consider the following advantages to automatic bill payments online:

  • Access bill pay 24/7
  • Most bills paid in 24-48 hours
  • Pay all your bills in the same place at the same time
  • Choose to pay companies or individuals
  • Have e-bills (electronic versions of your paper bills) delivered directly to your online banking
  • View biller information including when your bill is due, the amount due, the earliest you can pay, and pending and recent payments
  • Choose individual or recurring payments. You can even set automatic payments a year in advance
  • Set alerts to monitor and control your account, including reminders for payment due dates
  • View up to two years of payment history
  • Earn cash back with Green$ense when you choose to do business electronically

How to set up automatic payments through your online banking

Online bill payment is simple to set up. All you need is your basic checking account information and a recent bill. First, enroll in online banking with your ATM/debit card number, pin and account number. Once you're using online banking, adding auto bill pay and making payments just takes a few steps.

  • Choose whether you want to add an individual or company to your payees
  • Search for the company or biller, or manually enter your payee's information
  • Provide the account number located on your bills
  • Enter the amount of the payment, the date of the payment, and whether you will make individual or recurring payments
  • You can always cancel a recurring payment or change the date, amount or frequency, simply by going to Manage My Bills in online banking

Some bills, like car payments, insurance, or mortgage will likely stay the same each month. Automatic bill pay will make sure your payments are made on time in the amount you designate. However, if you have something like credit card balances that are more varied, you may want to enter these amounts manually. Online bill payment allows you to set up individual payments in addition to recurring payments for those who prefer closer management of their payments. If you would like more information on setting up automatic payments, view the online banking demo, which will walk you through the process step by step.

Pay bills online quickly, conveniently and securely with Citizens Bank

Set up recurring payments today and experience simpler management of monthly bills. With online bill payment, you can keep track of current or past payments, and view when a payment has been made to a payee. Plus, the added security of Citizen Bank's 100% secure online banking guarantee ensures that your finances are safe and your bills will be paid according to your instructions. Learn more about automatic bill pay at 1-800-656-6561 or sign up for automatic payments today.

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