Give Your Small Business Spending Habits a Checkup

Most businesses can benefit from a periodic review of spending to identify opportunities to reduce waste. Every dollar you save can be redirected into business improvements or growth opportunities.


Consider these quick ways to improve your spending habits.

Use tools to track expenses

Keeping careful tabs on your spending can help you make better financial decisions and capture deductions at tax time. Consider adopting expense-tracking software or mobile apps that let users sync expenses with their bank and credit card accounts to better monitor cash flow. If staff members make business purchases, consider providing business credit or debit cards that allow you to monitor spending and set limits.

Shed unused services

Review your account statements to find costs that you can easily cut, such as subscriptions or memberships you no longer use. Also, look through bills for add-on services that you don’t need. For example, some internet providers offer online backup for an additional fee, which may be unnecessary if you have another backup service in place.

Explore industry associations

Experts say that business- or industry-related associations can be good sources of money-saving tips and other advice. These associations can put you in touch with other business owners who face the same types of business issues you do. You can also network with businesses outside of your local market — while you may not be comfortable sharing cost-saving tips with a local competitor, and vice versa, it may be helpful to share this information with a business owner in another state.

Review overdrafts

Overdrafts can be costly for any business. They are also, in many cases, preventable. In some instances, accounts may not be structured properly, so that one runs out of money even though balances are healthy on the whole. Setting up accounts differently or using a service such as a zero balance account, which essentially pools a business’ money to handle debits presented to specific accounts, can help to minimize overdraft expenses.

More information

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