Small Business Leaders Optimistic About 2017, Survey Finds

The first-annual Citizens Bank Small Business Pulse Index — a composite measure capturing small and medium business leaders’ overall assessment of the business climate — reports that they are confident in the current business climate as well as the future of their business and the economy as a whole. The index is derived from the 2017 Citizens Bank Small Business Pulse survey.


Optimism is driven by expectations for hospitable business conditions that let businesses focus on their day-to-day company objectives vs. outside oversight. Small business leaders anticipate increased revenue and profit in 2017, and expect this to enable investments in marketing, technology, and other areas to drive organic growth.


Much of the optimism is fueled by positive feelings about the national economy. However, these feelings are not tied to specific expectations about policy reforms, but rather by personal beliefs that a hospitable environment will materialize, resulting in additional revenue that will be reinvested into the business.