Cosigner Release

What does having a cosigner entail?

A student loan cosigner is simply having another individual agreeing to step in and take responsibility for paying the money back, in the event the primary borrower cannot. Often this person is a parent, legal guardian or family member.


As a cosigner, they assume equal responsibility for repayment of the loan. There are several advantages of co-signing a student loan. It helps secure lower interest rates for the student, since it's leveraging the cosigner's good credit reputation, and that ultimately means less borrowing over the life of the loan. It also allows you, the student, to begin establishing your own credit history, since you'll get full credit for repaying the loan on time.

Learn about how to remove a cosigner from a student loan

For some private student loans, cosigners can be released from their responsibilities on the loan after you've made your monthly payments on time for a specified amount of time. The release is possible because you, the student, have proven that you can repay your student loan, and are not likely to default on your loan, and have also qualified as a creditworthy borrower. By releasing your cosigner they will no longer be responsible for your student loan debt, but instead you will be the only person responsible for repayment of the loan.


With Citizens Bank's Student Loan™, cosigners have the option of being released from their responsibilities after a period of 36 months of consecutive on-time payments, subject to certain terms and conditions1. Private student loan lenders offer different cosigner release options, so contact your lender for additional details.

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