Understanding Your Student Loan Status

How to interpret student loan application statuses

It's always hard to wait for the answer to something important, and it's no different with the status of your student loan application. As you're awaiting a response, you might check your student loan application status and see a message indicating the loan application is pending and wonder what that means. Read on and learn more about what your status could indicate about your student loan application and the next steps to take. Please note, you should always confirm what a specific status means with your lender, as things may vary from lender to lender.

What does a pending student loan application status mean?

If you received a pending student loan status from your potential lender, it could be that your application is missing a required component, or simply that the application has not been processed yet. Unfortunately, in most cases, it's difficult to ascertain what these statuses mean without further clarification. If your student loan status remains pending for more than a few weeks, you might want to double check that you submitted all necessary documents correctly. If you receive an unclear response to your application and want confirmation as to how it applies to your specific situation, or if you're concerned about approval timelines and how they could affect disbursement, reach out to the lender directly.

How do student loan statuses work at Citizens Bank?

At Citizens Bank, we strive to make the application as easy and transparent as possible, so you always know where your application is in the process and what you need to do. After you submit your information, you'll be able to check your student loan status by logging into the application. You may see a pending student loan status initially, but we'll try to clarify the issue for you as quickly as possible. Below are a few of the student loan application statuses you might see upon logging in:

  • Awaiting a Cosigner.
  • Awaiting Applicant Signage of Documents.
  • Incomplete.
  • Pending School Certification.
  • Disbursed.
  • Partially Disbursed.

We'll also do our best to tell you what to do to move your application forward, but if you're uncertain about what steps you need to take after checking your student loan status, reach out to a Student Lending Specialist and we'll walk you through the process.

Choose a trusted student loan lender for your borrowing needs

If you're seeking additional financing for college, consider a private student loan from Citizens Bank. With the Citizens Bank Student Loan™, borrowers can receive competitive interest rates and have the choice of a variety of repayment options and terms. A parent or trusted adult can cosign a Student Loan or take out a Citizens Bank Student Loan™ for Parents on a student's behalf. Because parents and older adults usually have more established credit histories, they may have better chances of receiving lower interest rates, which could save money in the long run. If you have questions about our student loan options or about your student loan application status, speak with a Student Lending Specialist today.


To check the status of your student loan with Citizens Bank, simply log in to the application.

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