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Direct deposit services make your life easier

It's not always convenient to make a trip to the bank to cash your payroll or Social Security check. With direct deposit, you can have your funds automatically deposited into your checking account. So, there is no more running to the bank on payday or waiting in line to make deposits. And, because your funds are available on day date of receipt, you won't have to wait for checks to clear.

Direct deposit deposit benefits

  • No paper trail. With direct deposit services, there are no checks to worry about getting lost or stolen.
  • Same day balance availability. Direct deposit provides you with same day access to your money—you can draw on your funds the same day your check is issued.
  • Save time. Because your funds are put into your account for you, there’s no need to run to the bank, wait in line, or find an ATM.
  • Eliminate weekend and holiday pay delay. If a payday falls on a weekend or holiday, directly deposited funds are typically transferred into your account in advance.
  • Build your investments. Direct deposit can also help you build your savings quickly and easily if you have a portion of your money deposited directly to your savings or investment accounts.

How to make direct deposit work for you

Many employers offer direct deposit services to their employees. Simply obtain a direct deposit form from your human resources specialist. Be ready with your routing number, checking account number and a voided check. Some employers may need additional information, so be sure to ask your employer what information they need from you to ensure your funds are directly deposited.

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