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Foreign Currency Exchange Services

Global Markets

Benefits that go beyond borders.

Especially convenient for traveling customers, our Foreign Exchange Services allow you to arrive at your international destination with cash in hand. You can lock into an exchange rate and order or sell foreign currency notes at any bank branch.

We offer a wide range of international banking services including:

  • Foreign Currency banknotes offering over 50 different currencies with a majority of them on-hand
  • Foreign Currency International Wire Transfers, offering over 125 different currencies
  • Foreign Currency Drafts
  • International Check Processing

For more detail on these services, please read about our Foreign Exchange Services.

You can visit any one of our 100-plus International Banking Center (IBC) branches. We maintain inventory of at least three major currencies, and may carry others based upon the areas they serve.

We invite you to explore the world of opportunities available through Citizens Financial Group. For more information regarding our Foreign Exchange Retail Services, please contact 1-800-922-9999.

Learn more about our Global Markets/International Banking services.

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