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MasterCard ® Benefits

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

When you choose the Citizens Bank® Business Platinum Mastercard® or Everyday Points® Business Mastercard® you'll experience a level of cardholder benefits that is consistent with your status as a cardholder. Benefits include MasterRental insurance, Extended Warranty Coverage, Master Road Assist, MasterAssist Travel Assistance, PriceAssureTM and VAT Reclaim Service.

1) MasterRental® Insurance
You'll get free theft and damage coverage* when you use your card to rent a car, so you can waive the rental company's insurance.

2) Extended Warranty Coverage
Benefit from the security and safety offered through the Extended Warranty coverage.

3) Master RoadAssist®
If your car breaks down on the road while you are traveling in the 50 United States or the District of Columbia, just call 1-800-MC-Assist and tell us where you are and we'll send someone to help you.

4) MasterAssist Travel Assistance
With one toll-free phone call, you'll be able to get help when you're traveling, whether it's to find a doctor or a lawyer, locate ATMs, replace a lost passport and more.

5) Purchase Assurance
Purchase assurance coverage if items purchased under card are damaged or stolen within 90 days from date of purchase for cost of item up to $10K per item or $50K per 12 month period.

6) VAT Reclaim Service

VAT Reclaim Service provides companies doing business in Europe an easy and efficient way to reclaim their VAT

Click here to download the MasterCard® Guide to Benefits

Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident and Baggage Delay Insurance

As a cardholder you automatically receive additional insurance benefits such as travel accident insurance and baggage delay insurance.

  • Travel accident insurance
  • Baggage delay insurance
  • Click here to download the Worldwide Automatic Travel Accident and Baggage Delay Insurance Guide.

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