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International Banking & Foreign Exchange

The expertise and services you need to expand overseas—while minimizing risk.

Growing your business often means expanding internationally, but that can bring added risk. Count on our Foreign Exchange Specialists to provide risk management services for your small business. Maintain a complete treasury solution with a single institution while protecting your profits and payments from volatile foreign exchange rates.

Questions? Contact us.
Questions? Contact us.

Small Business Foreign Exchange Trading Desk

Work directly with the Foreign Exchange Trading Desk*, a team that’s fully dedicated to assisting small businesses with international payments—and providing competitive live market foreign exchange rates.

Risk Management for Small Business

Our Foreign Exchange specialists can provide you with updates on economic developments and movement of foreign exchange rates. They can also provide hedging strategies customized to your payment flows—and provide business currency risk management solutions through the use of common hedging products and solutions.

Cross-Border Payments

It helps to have an experienced international banking team behind you when managing cross-border transactions. Our specialists provide guidance and solutions for the economic, logistical, and cultural challenges that can arise when dealing with international payments and receivables. These small business foreign exchange services are designed to help you expand your global reach, simplify complex foreign transactions, and minimize international transaction costs.

  • Conduct wire transactions in over 120 different currencies
  • Open U.S.-based Foreign Currency Accounts to manage cross-border transactions using local currencies
  • Deposit foreign checks in more than 20 major currencies
  • Use foreign currency drafts in 15 different currencies for situations when a document is the preferred means of payment
  • Purchase foreign currency banknotes in foreign currencies at competitive exchange rates for international travel
  • Conduct business in local currencies and protect against currency fluctuations by using our Foreign Exchange services
  • Use our accessGLOBAL ACH application to send electronic credit and debit payments to more than 25 countries, including Canada, Mexico, and most western European countries

Foreign Currency Accounts (FCAs)

Expand your global business more easily with Foreign Currency Accounts (FCAs), which offer flexibility in managing foreign transactions by minimizing the need for foreign currency conversions. With FCAs, you establish a separate account in the U.S. for each currency you use, optimizing foreign cash flows and responding more effectively to changing market conditions. These accounts enable you to receive and send wire transfers and receive checks. You can also view balances and account activity online.

Our small business foreign exchange specialists can provide full account setup, training, and support while providing a wide range of currency-related services that can help you make the most of international opportunities.


As business goes global, so do payments. Use our global foreign exchange gateway to execute transactions and trades with greater ease, efficiency, and security. CBForex, our foreign exchange (FX) trading platform, lets you initiate, approve, and report on all FX and foreign currency account transactions from a single source.* In addition to real-time foreign currency payment and hedging, CBForex helps you manage exchange rate volatility to avoid unexpected cost increases. You can settle and release payments online, and print completed payment confirmations.

CBForex provides real-time foreign currency payment and hedging. Settle and release payments online, and print completed payment confirmations.

To learn more, contact a Foreign Exchange Specialist.

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