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Disbursement Services

Efficient, reliable, and secure payments—made easy.

Make payments efficiently and securely, streamline account reconciliation, and expedite disbursements. Treasury management should be easy, efficient and secure. We've got the solutions to help make that happen for your business. test save

Questions? Contact us.
Questions? Contact us.

Key Disbursement Services for more efficient treasury management

ACH Transactions

ACH transactions reduce costs, speed up procurement processes and eliminate paperwork. But with the ease and power of ACH comes a risk of unauthorized transactions and fraudulent debits. Address this risk head on with ACHieve Access™, a powerful online cash management tool that protects your accounts from fraud and gives you greater control over your ACH transactions.

Wire Transfers

Get disbursement services featuring expedited and guaranteed domestic and international payments, an efficient and secure means of sending funds.

Account Reconciliation

Automated account reconciliation maximizes account oversight, helping you minimize errors, streamline back-office operations, and mitigate fraud. Choose from a range of business financial services for account reconciliation, including Partial Reconciliation, Full Reconciliation, Deposit Reconciliation, Positive Pay services, and check image services.

Positive Pay and ACH Positive Pay

Whether you or other employees pay by check or electronically with ACH, our Positive Pay service can be used to enhance the internal security measures you take to ensure that only authorized payments are made from your account. Often used in conjunction with our Account Reconciliation and Controlled Disbursement services, Positive Pay safeguards your check and ACH payments from the risk of cybercrime, identity theft, and fraudulent check-writing.

Controlled Disbursement

If your business has a high payment volume, it’s important to keep enough funds in your check disbursement account to cover your daily check debits. Improve your cash forecasting practices and expedite paper disbursements with our controlled disbursement services. By alerting you each morning to the total dollar amount of check payments scheduled to clear that evening, we make it easy to efficiently manage your cash flow by funding the account with the exact amount needed each day.

Zero Balance Account Services

Companies with multiple locations, divisions, or accounting functions can consolidate balances for easy treasury management while maintaining a clear audit trail through a Zero Balance Account (ZBA). A unique Zero Balance Account is maintained for each location, division, or accounting function. Then all Zero Balance Accounts in the system are "linked" to the master account, with up to a three-tier account structure.

Zero Balance Accounts are automatically funded by the master account on an as-needed basis. Likewise, deposits into Zero Balance Accounts are automatically transferred to the master account. The ZBA approach gives your business centralized control over funds management, while individual divisions or locations maintain decentralized payment authority. Less time is needed to monitor accounts, and idle balances are concentrated to provide maximum benefit. And you can earn income or reduce existing debt by leveraging automated sweep services.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

EDI enables financial systems among different companies, financial institutions and government agencies to transmit, receive and process orders, invoices, payments and other electronic communications using a standardized document format.

  • Make secure just-in-time payments to suppliers in the U.S. and abroad.
  • Automate traditionally manual payments issuance, saving time and money on check preparation, postage.
  • Increase data security and integrity of your files and communications.

Commercial Card

Flexible card solutions improve your bottom line with powerful spending controls, robust reporting and effective cash management capabilities. Choose what you need from a full range of purchasing, corporate and/or fleet program functionality with Citizens Commercial Cards.


This online payment application leverages the nationwide reach of the Bottomline Technologies Paymode-X® settlement network and its more than 300,000 participating companies to let you:

  • Make one-time or recurring ACH electronic payments to your suppliers in the network.
  • Receive a percentage of your transaction payments rebated directly to your account.
  • Improve cash flow controls by knowing exactly when payments will be debited from your account.


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