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Gift & Loyalty Cards

Use gift certificates and loyalty cards to help build your business.

Building your business means building customer relationships. Custom gift cards and loyalty cards help you reward your best customers—and attract new ones. And we have the options to make it easy.

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

Private Label Custom Gift Cards

Private label business gift cards offer a great opportunity to encourage repeat customers and increase overall revenue. Coming in the same size as a credit card, our gift certificate cards can be personalized with your business name and issued for any amount. Customers purchase your custom gift cards by paying as they would for a gift certificate, and you load the desired amount onto the card. These cards can then be redeemed at your business just like a credit card.

Customer Loyalty Cards

Use our magnetic-stripe loyalty cards to reward regular customers. Loyalty cards provide frequent customers with discounts, encouraging them to come back on multiple occasions. Plus, when they sign up, you’ll be able to grow your customer database with valuable data like mailing addresses and frequent purchases. Loyalty cards not only reward customers, they make it easier for you to serve them better.

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