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Manage Charitable Donations with Online Banking

Set up automatic payments from your bank account for regular, tracked donations

Your favorite charities don't just need help during the holidays or after a major fundraiser, and you probably keep meaning to send donations throughout the year, but other things get in the way. With automatic payments through Online Banking you can easily set up charitable donations for regular contributions throughout the year. Whether you want to donate monthly, bi-monthly or semi-annually, Citizens Bank can help ensure your money gets from your checking account to where you want it when it's needed most.

Using Online Banking for charitable donations makes giving back simple

Online Banking isn't just helpful for transferring funds and paying bills. When you set up automatic deductions from your checking account with Online Banking, you can simplify management of your charitable donations as well. Check out the ways Online Banking makes donating easier for you:

  • Contribute to your favorite organization regularly without thinking about it
  • Make individual or recurring payments
  • Manage multiple charities from one convenient place
  • Add supplemental donations during the holiday or busy season for your charities
  • Track donations over time

Simply enter the account information for your charity and select automatic payments, the bank account you wish to withdraw from, the amount you want to donate and how often you want to donate. You can then set up reminders so you know when donations are being sent to your charity in case you need to make a change.

Automatic charitable donations benefit your budget and the charity

Setting up recurring charitable donations ensures that the organizations you care about get the help they need throughout the year. But it can also help you balance your budget. Rather than a large, one-time withdrawal from your checking account, you have a small, predictable contribution that's easier to manage and account for throughout the year. Plus, you can always cancel a payment if you need to allocate funds elsewhere for a particular month.

Automatic charitable donations make tax deductions easier

Most organizations should send you a giving statement summarizing your charitable donations for the year before tax season. However, making charitable donations through Online Banking automatically keeps a record for you in case you misplace the statement, they do not send it or you simply want your own record to compare with what they sent. You can also use Online Banking software like Quicken® to track all your spending and donations in one place and import this data into tax software for a simplified process before April 15. Finally, Online Banking can also be used to provide a record of charitable donations for your human resources department if your company has a matching program.

Speak to a Citizens Bank representative for information on checking accounts and Online Banking

All you need to simplify your charitable donations is a checking account from Citizens Bank and enrollment in Online Banking. Our low-fee checking accounts are designed to help you take control of your everyday finances with convenient online management and bank account access. Consider syncing the direct deposit of your paycheck with your withdrawals so savings contributions, bills and charitable donations are taken out right after the money enters your account for automatic budgeting. Speak to a representative to learn more about our bank account options.



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