Checking Account Debit Card

Learn about debit card benefits like convenience and flexibility

Your debit card is the key to your checking account. It can be used for making purchases online or in stores, paying bills online or getting cash out of the ATM. Plus, it can help you budget, manage your spending and provide flexibility for checking account transactions you might not otherwise make with cash.

How debit card benefits can make your life easier

If you like the convenience of a credit card, but don’t want to worry about monthly bills or interest fees, a checking account with a debit card might be another payment option. Debit cards are different from credit cards in that the purchases you make are deducted directly from your checking account. You won’t get a bill and won’t pay interest on the purchases.

  • Know your balance in real-time: Don’t wait for your monthly statement to arrive before checking the activity in your account. Use your checking account debit card instead of cash or checks to track your checking account transactions in real-time online or via your Smartphone. Each purchase is automatically recorded on your statement including detail about the merchant name, location and amount of purchase, which can help prevent check fraud.
  • Protection: With our zero liability policy, you won't be responsible for unauthorized purchases if your card (or its number) is lost or stolen.*
  • Faster bill pay and online purchases: Use your debit card to pay bills at the merchant's window or access Citizens Bank's online bill pay to ensure bills get paid on time and when you know you have enough money in the account.
  • Banking while traveling: A debit card allows you to access your checking account to complete checking account transactions, including purchases and withdrawals around the world.

Debit cards from Citizens Bank

Citizens Bank has the debit card to fit your needs. Discover all of the debit card benefits you can get with a checking account and debit card from Citizens Bank. For more information on our checking accounts, please call 1-877-360-2472 or apply for a checking account online.


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