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Diversity and Inclusion:
Valued, respected and heard.

"We continue to find ways to build a diverse and inclusive culture where all of our Bruce Van Saun CEOstakeholders can reach their potential, and one where all colleagues feel valued, respected and heard.”

- Bruce Van Saun, CEO

At Citizens, we know that Diversity & Inclusion is an essential element of everyone’s success. Whether internally with our colleagues, or externally with our customers and communities, it all serves the same mission — to make everyone feel valued, respected and heard. Through our community initiatives, Business Resource Groups and colleague programs, we demonstrate every day how we don’t just talk about Diversity & Inclusion, we wear it on our (rolled-up) sleeves.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity & Inclusion in Action

Investing in Colleagues

Creating Opportunity

D&I in Action: Pride Month


Citizens Pride: Celebrating diversity and individuality — one step at a time.

Pride. We see it in the faces. Hear it in the voices. And, most, of all, we feel it in the hearts of all of those who march in support of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month. Observed in June, Pride Month not only commemorates the Stonewall Riots which took place in 1969, it is a living, breathing embodiment of the power of respect and inclusion.

D&I in Action: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

MLK Day: Celebrating his passion for diversity and inclusion.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is the personification of diversity and inclusion. Every year, we bring his vision to life with our Martin Luther King Day celebrations. From organizing mural painting projects to sponsoring museum day admission, we work with a variety of non-profit partners in many different cities to make sure his — and everyone else’s —dream is heard.


D&I in Action: Win Girl Scouts


Helping Girl Scouts WIN.

There’s nothing more important to young girls than role models who are living proof that anything is possible. It was in this spirit that members of our Women’s Impact Network (WIN) took a day out of their schedules to bring Financial Education Day to the Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts.

D&I in Action: A Million Thanks

Citizens puts pen to paper to support our military men and women.

People talk about supporting our military. At Citizens, we put it in writing. It’s all part of our participation in “A Million Thanks,” a non-profit organization that supports our active, reserve and veteran military personnel by sending millions of letters of thanks and encouragement directly to our service members.


Investing in Colleagues

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