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Home Equity

Your home is an investment. Let's put it to work for you.

Home Equity Facts & Help

Get an overview of home equity loans and home equity lines of credit below. From home improvements to paying for college, there are many ways to use home equity. We'll explain the process of getting a loan or line of credit, how to compare home equity rates and what kind of costs are involved. And be sure to contact a Citizens Bank Home Loan Originator with your questions.

Why Use Home Equity?

Equity is the difference between what your home is worth and how much you owe on any mortgages or other liens on the property.

A home equity loan or line of credit uses the equity in your home as collateral. That means:

  • The interest rate is often lower than with other kinds of loans
  • Interest you pay may be tax deductible; check with your tax advisor

Common uses for a home equity loan or line of credit:

  • Make home improvements, renovate or add on to your house
  • Pay for college
  • Refinance credit card debt, medical bills or other high-interest loans

Options for using home equity

Home Equity Products & Rates

Use a home equity line of credit to help pay for home improvements, education costs, or other major expenses. You can also use a HELOC to consolidate debt.

Adjustable Rate HELOC

Find out if you're an eligible applicant and qualify for our best home equity rates and terms.

Get a low adjustable rate with the convenience to borrow from your available line of credit when you need to.

  • Flexible repayment terms and a 10-year draw period, during which you can borrow against your line.
  • Access your line with home equity line checks or with online banking
  • No application costs
  • Typically no closing costs
  • Save 0.25 percentage points off your home equity interest rate with a Citizens Bank checking account*

A trust review fee ranging from $75 to $100, as well as recording fees ranging from $10 to $175, may apply for properties held in trust.

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