Staging Your Home for Sale

Home staging tips that can make your house more attractive to potential buyers

It's an idea as old as salesmanship itself: When you're selling any product, remember that most buyers want an emotional experience. Staging your home is a great way to appeal to the emotions of potential buyers and highlight your home's best features.

In preparing your property for an open house or walk through, put yourself in the buyer's position and imagine the kinds of details that would pique your interest. While staging your home, you should call attention to those details and highlight the appeal of each. When properly executed, home staging will not only increase the number of potential buyers who are likely to make you an offer - it may also increase the price they are willing to pay.

Tips for staging your home

Some high-end sellers and real estate agents have been known to engage the services of expensive house staging professionals. But, assuming this will be a do-it-yourself exercise for most sellers, here are a few time-honored methods for staging your home to maximize its appeal.

  • Clean up and de-clutter. Make sure the interior of the house sparkles. Box up and store clutter including artwork, sculptures and knick-knacks from around the house. It is good practice to simplify surfaces so that they are displaying one or two items, if any at all.
  • Stash your family photos and heirlooms. For many, this is the most surprising home staging idea of all. You want your house to have a family feel, but experts caution that having your own family's photos and personal items on display can prevent prospective buyers from imagining their family living there. So, the goal is actually to de-personalize the house. While you're at it, don't forget those family photos on the refrigerator.
  • Remember the smells as well as the sights. While most home staging tips are understandably geared toward making the house more visually appealing, don't forget that buyers are also powerfully attracted by the sense of smell. Make sure they have something good, yet mild, to smell. You may want to have the scent of a baked pie wafting from the kitchen or introduce a light air freshener throughout the home. It is best to choose scents that are clean and fresh, not rich and overwhelming. You can turn buyers off with a bad smell as easily as you can attract them with an appealing one.
  • Pay attention to the lighting. While no one expects you to install new dimmer switches or fancy track lighting systems to attract buyers, home staging should include attention to how your house is lit for potential buyers. Check for burned-out bulbs or lighting fixtures that are either too bright or not bright enough. And, remember that good lighting always begins with natural light. So open drapes and curtains, and clean all the windows.

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