Small overdrafts get a pass. With a checking account from Citizens Bank, you won't pay an Overdraft Fee on transactions $5 or less.

Susan will not pay an Overdraft Fee for three transactions that overdrew her account as they were for $5.00 or less. She will pay a $35 Overdraft Fee for her $85 overdrawn check.


On Monday, Susan began with a balance of $3 in her One Deposit Checking account. She made several transactions which brought her balance negative. Susan will not be charged an Overdraft Fee for her two debit card purchases and her check 101 as the transactions were $5 or less. She will be charged a fee for her check 103 overdraft as it was over $5.

Available Balance
Monday Morning
$3 Overdraft
Coffee Purchase, debit card -$4 -$1 No
Lunch Purchase, debit card -$5 -$6 No
Check 103 -$85 -$91 Yes
Check 101 -$4 -$95 No

$5 Overdraft Pass®

How it works

Your checking and money market accounts automatically come with $5 Overdraft Pass. If you overdraw your account with a transaction of $5 or less we will not charge an Overdraft Fee.

  • No Overdraft Fee on any overdraft transaction $5 or less
  • Includes check and pre-authorized payment overdrafts
  • Only includes ATM and debit card overdraft transactions if you are enrolled in Debit Card Overdraft Coverage
  • Comes with all personal checking and money market accounts
  • Remember, if your account is overdrawn you must bring it to a positive balance as soon as possible to avoid Sustained Overdraft Fees.
  • If you have a Savings Overdraft Transfer Plan or an Overdraft Line of Credit you can also benefit from $5 Overdraft Pass. We will not charge a Transfer Fee on any day on which all transfers are for overdraft items $5 or less.


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