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Automatic Transfers®

Don’t give meeting your savings goals a second

Ready to open an Account?
Ready to open an Account?

Saving for a new home? Your child's education? Retirement?

Automatic transfer are the perfect way to ensure you always pay yourself first and stay on track to reach your goals. We have several ways to help you reach your goals faster.

Online Banking Recurring Transfers
Login to Online Banking and select the “Transfer Money” tab. You enter the amount and select how often you want the transfer to occur, and we’ll walk you through the rest! Need to make a change? Simply login to Online Banking to change these at any time.

Steady Save
To set up simply visit your local branch or call us at 1-877-360-2472. You tell us the amount and how often you want to make it happen, and we’ll take it from there. Need to make a change? Simply visit your local branch or give us a call.1

Direct Deposit: Have a portion of your paycheck automatically deposited into your savings account. Learn more about how to set up Direct Deposit with your employer. Need to make a change? Contact your employer to update your Direct Deposit.

More solutions to fit specific savings needs
Learn more about our Citizens Bank CollegeSaver and IRA Savings accounts.

1Requests to change the savings amount or transfer date, or to cancel scheduled Steady Save transactions, may require up to two business to take effect.

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