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Insurance Protection

Securing your family's future starts with understanding your insurance needs. We can help.

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

With life changes come changes in your insurance protection needs. If you’ve recently been promoted, gotten married, changed jobs, or had a baby, you may want to consider investing in insurance. The three major types of insurance protection available are detailed below.

Long-Term Care Insurance

Almost seven out of ten people turning age 65 today will eventually need some type of long-term care. Long-term care insurance will help to safeguard the savings you have worked so hard for, and cover you and your family beyond the limits of Medicare and other medical coverage plans. Here are some of the main reasons to consider this type of insurance:

  • Medicare, health, and disability insurance do not provide long-term care coverage.
  • Few employers offer long-term care insurance as a part of their benefits package.
  • Long-term care expenses could deplete your savings and assets.
  • Family members may not have the financial or emotional assets to provide sophisticated, round-the-clock care.
  • Medicaid helps only after your assets drop below a certain level and your choice of facilities is limited.
  • With long-term insurance, you decide how long you want benefits to be payable.

Do you have enough long-term care insurance? Use this calculator to find out.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects you and your family financially should you become unable to work due to an injury or illness. Some of the key benefits of owning disability insurance are:

  • Replaces your steady income in the event you are unable to work, due to illness or injury.
  • Allows you to pay bills like your mortgage, tuition, car payments, and other basic household expenses.
  • Helps maintain your current standard of living.
  • Can often be customized to fit your unique situation.

Do you have enough disability insurance? Use this calculator to find out.

Do you have an existing insurance policy?

If you have an existing insurance policy with another carrier, but haven’t made any changes or reviewed it in the past five years, a Citizens Investment Services Financial Consultant will be happy to provide you with an objective second look at the existing policy and offer you a complete insurance policy review.

Our Financial Consultants are here for you.

To learn more about using insurance protection as part of your overall investment strategy, simply call us at
1-800-242-2224 to request a complimentary financial review with one of our financial advisors.

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