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How to Release a Student Loan Co-Signer

Key Takeaways

  • Co-signers are responsible for repaying student loans if you, the student, cannot do so on your own.
  • Releasing your co-signer means they are no longer responsible for the repayment of your loans.
  • Some private loans allow you to remove the co-signer from your student loan after you’ve made a certain number of on-time payments.

A student loan co-signer is another individual who agrees to step in and take responsibility for repayment of your student loan(s) in the event that you, the student, cannot do so. Typically a parent, legal guardian, or family member, a co-signer can help secure a lower interest rate if they have good credit, which ultimately leads to borrowing less over the life of the loan.

Having a co-signer for your student loans can be incredibly beneficial. However, there might come a day when you want to remove the co-signer from the loan and handle repayment on your own. How do you do so?

How to remove a co-signer from a student loan

For some private loans, co-signers can be released from their responsibilities on the loan after you've made a certain number of on-time payments. The release is possible because you, the student, have proven you can repay your student loan, are not likely to default on your loan, and have also qualified as a creditworthy borrower. By releasing your co-signer, they will no longer be responsible for your student loan debt; instead, you will be the only person responsible for repayment of the loan.

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