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How to Set up Direct Deposit

Discover the benefits of bank direct deposits and how to manage them

Direct deposits offer a simplified way to move money electronically. Forget running to the bank every payday and waiting in line to deposit checks. Direct deposit allows your employer to transfer your salary directly into an account you specify. Plus, since there's no time spent waiting for the check to clear, you have access to your funds as soon as they are deposited. Setting up your direct deposit is simple; all you need are some direct deposit forms from whoever is paying you and a voided check.

Obtain direct deposit forms from your employer

The first step in direct deposit enrollment is to ask your employer for direct deposit forms. These are generally very basic forms and will ask you for the following information to set up direct deposit:

  • Your bank's ABA or routing number. This nine-digit number is found on the bottom left of your checks.
  • Your checking account number. This is the main number for your checking account that you use for all deposits and withdrawals. It is found on the bottom of the check directly to the right of the routing number.
  • You may need to submit a voided check. This will allow the employer to verify the above information. Write VOID in large letters in ink across the check, covering most lines so that nothing else can be written in on the check.
  • Your bank's address. You should be able to find this information online, but you could also call a representative.

Use direct deposit for improved financial management

Direct deposit can make it easier to save money if your employer will allow you to split your deposit between a checking account and a savings account. Set up only what you need for daily expenses to be directly deposited into your checking account and have the rest of your paycheck sent to savings. If your employer won't set up a split direct deposit for you, consider setting up automatic transfers to occur as soon as the money from your paycheck is deposited into your checking. This allows you to save money without even thinking about it!

You can also set up direct deposit with IRS refunds and Social Security payments. While the IRS does allow you to split the deposit, Social Security payments must go to one account initially.

Set up direct deposit with Citizens Bank

Consider direct deposit enrollment with Citizens Bank for convenient access to funds and an efficient way to save money. For more information on bank direct deposits and opening a checking account contact a Citizens Bank representative at 1-877-360-2472.

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