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What Is Zelle®?

Key Takeaways

  • Zelle allows you to send or receive money among peers, typically in a matter of minutes.1
  • Funds are moved directly from your bank account to the recipient’s account.
  • Payments are protected by the same technology used to protect your online and mobile banking in the Citizens Bank app.

Zelle is offered by many financial institutions across the U.S. and allows you to send and receive money among friends and family, typically in a matter of minutes.1

That means you can say goodbye to throwing down multiple credit cards to split a bill, or awkwardly tracking down “I owe you’s” from your conveniently forgetful friend. Instead, you can settle up on the spot. So if you and your coworkers want to get something special for a colleague’s birthday, you can all chip in for the gift — all in a quick and painless process.

How do I know if my bank or credit union offers Zelle?

Easy — go to zellepay.com. There, you’ll find a list of all financial institutions that have — or will soon have — Zelle.

How does Zelle work?

Log onto online or mobile banking. There, you can navigate to Zelle, where you’ll find an interface that gives you three options:

  1. Send
  2. Request
  3. Split

After you make your selection, select the recipient(s) through your list of contacts. (Note: This is separate from the contacts on your phone.) Lastly, plug in how much you’re sending or requesting, then hit send. The recipient will receive a text or email notification related to your request. Then, if you’re the one sending money, the funds will be withdrawn directly from your account and deposited into the recipient’s account. If you’re requesting, the funds will be deposited directly to your account once the other party accepts the request.

How long does it take to send and receive money?

If both the sender and recipient are enrolled with Zelle, the money will typically arrive in minutes.¹

Is Zelle secure?

Yes — money sent and received with Zelle in the Citizens Bank app are protected by the same technology that protects your online and mobile banking.

Does it cost anything?

Citizens Bank does not charge any fees to use Zelle. However, standard wireless/data fees may apply.

What happens if I send money to the wrong person?

You may only cancel a payment if the person you sent money to hasn’t yet enrolled with Zelle. To check whether the payment is still pending because the recipient hasn’t yet enrolled, you can go to your activity page, choose the payment you want to cancel, and then select “Cancel This Payment.”

If the person you sent money to has already enrolled with Zelle, the money is sent directly to their bank account and cannot be canceled. This is why it’s important to only send money to people you know and trust, and always ensure you’ve used the correct email address or U.S. mobile number when sending money.

If you sent money to the wrong person, we recommend contacting the recipient and requesting the money back.

Can I use Zelle if I’m abroad?

In order to use Zelle, the sender and recipient’s bank accounts must be based in the U.S.

More information

Want to quickly and easily send and receive money among with people you trust? You can enroll in Zelle by downloading the Citizens Bank mobile app or enrolling in online banking.

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