Deposit Account Verification Services

Citizens Bank offers third party clients acting on behalf of our customers a variety of personal deposit account verification services, including:

  • Federal/State Agency Personal Deposit Verifications
  • Audit Confirmations
  • Commercial Credit Investigations
  • Verification of Deposit for Mortgages
  • Personal Deposit Credit References
  • Re-verifications / Audits

Third parties acting on behalf of the customer for the following services (typically state and federal agencies) are not charged for the following services:

Social Services Inquiries
  • A service provided to non-profit organizations or government agencies who wish to verify personal deposit account existence, activity, and/or averages.
Audit Confirmations
  • This service provides commercial deposit and/or loan account balance information for a specific date in time to Certified Public Accounting firms in response to an audit of our mutual customer’s records.
  • Requests are submitted to us on a standard bank confirmation form via mail or fax.
  • Our contact information is:

    Commercial Loan Operations
    Audit Confirmation Unit
    PO Box 6550
    Providence, RI 02940
    Phone 1-401-734-5295
    Fax 1-401-734-5385
Commercial Credit Investigations
  • This service provides a service to businesses, vendors, and people seeking credit information on Citizens Bank customers.
  • Recommended method to submit a request is via fax (letter requests are accepted).
  • Phone inquiries are not accepted.
  • All responses are sent via fax.
  • Our contact information is:

    Commercial Loan Operations
    Credit Investigations Unit
    Mailstop 153-2440
    525 William Penn Plaza
    Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1724
    Phone 1-412-867-2414
    Fax 1-412-867-2895
Third parties must enroll to complete the following types of services and are charged $20 per transaction:
  • Verification of Deposit
  • Personal Account Credit Inquiry
  • Personal Re-verification or Audit

How to Enroll
Visit to enroll.

Upon completion of the pre-enrollment form you will be given a distinct fax number with which to forward your request for final bank processing.

Verification of Deposit
  • A service provided to for-profit organizations, typically lenders, who wish to verify personal deposit account existence, activity, and/or averages.
Personal Account Credit Inquiry
  • A service provided to for-profit organizations who wish to inquire on personal deposit account overdraft history.
Personal Re-verification or Audit
  • A service provided to auditing firms or mortgage companies which are re-verifying personal deposit account information.
Account History
  • We currently provide up to 18 months of history on personal accounts.
  • If you are requiring more history based on a federal or state legal statute please forward this statute along with your original request.
Other Notes
  • Social Services Inquiries will be returned to the third party in the manner it came to us, either U.S. mail or by fax. All other inquiries listed above will be returned via fax.
  • Please ensure proper customer authorizations accompany all third party requests unless stated otherwise by a legal statute, otherwise your request will not be processed.

    Our mailing address:
    (for all inquiries except audit confirmations and credit investigations)

    Citizens Bank
    Deposit Account Verification
    ROP 225
    PO Box 42011
    Providence, RI, 02940