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Cash Management Tools

Improve your liquidity with a full line of business cash flow management tools from Citizens Bank

As a small business owner, your profits are always in the forefront of your mind. In order to see your profits rise and keep your business strong, you need effective cash flow management and superior liquidity. Your goal will always be having a total business cash flow that exceeds your debts and other liabilities, but even if that isn't the case every month, there are ways you can increase liquidity. At Citizens Bank, we offer several cash flow management solutions aimed at improving your liquidity so you can consistently meet your obligations.

Information reporting

The most important part of cash management is knowing your cash position. You can't properly manage your money if you don't know how much you have, how much you owe, or where it's going. Ensure you know the status of your funds by setting up information reporting with Citizens Bank. We offer a full line of both domestic and international reporting services that will give you access to your cash position for the current and previous day. Partnering with Money Manager Global Processing Solutions, you'll enjoy customized online reports that provide you with a comprehensive snapshot of your cash position so you can effectively manage your cash flow and improve your liquidity.

Account management

Another key element for successful cash management and improved liquidity is consistently monitoring your accounts receivable and payable. It's imperative your customers get their bills on time and you get paid on time. With our Collection Services you can streamline your business cash flow and keep better track of your money. Our complete selection includes both electronic and paper-based options, as well as international services, all of which help you accurately track, send and receive payments so you know your cash position and won't fall behind on collecting payments, which can inhibit cash flow and damage liquidity.

Sweep and investment services

Sweep and investment services are cash flow management solutions we offer that let you maintain optimal liquidity by transferring or “sweeping” excess funds into other accounts to maximize your cash. We offer four sweep and investment options:

  • Sweep to investment: Surplus funds will be transferred to an investment vehicle that you choose, such as a CD or business money market account. Rather than lingering in an account that doesn't earn interest, the invested funds will increase your earning potential and ensure the liquidity of your working capital.
  • Sweep to Line of Credit: Executing this option takes excess funds and pays them toward loan balances, reducing interest expenses. This is a great option for those with small business loans from Citizens Bank.
  • Sweep to Line to Investment: With this option, you combine the above two services and transfer surplus balances to either an investment vehicle or outstanding loan balance depending on your current need.
  • SweepNet® Reporting: This Internet-based reporting tool allows you to view your subsidiary accounts in a zero balance account structure. You'll also be able to easily determine your internal cost of funds by cascading the parent account's borrowing and investing rates to each subsidiary's cash balance.

Enjoy comprehensive cash management with accessBUSINESS Manager®

Improve the way you manage your business cash flow to increase liquidity. In addition to our individual services, we offer accessBUSINESS Manager, an all-in-one program that gives you access to each of your Citizens Bank cash management tools from one location. Convenient and easy to use, you'll save time, gain efficiency and enjoy anytime access to your cash flow management tools right from your computer. This will allow you to better control and track your business cash flow and in turn improve your liquidity. You may also want to consider one of our small business loans or lines of credit to get cash on hand. Contact a Business Banking Representative today at 1-800-428-7463 to learn more about accessBUSINESS Manager and Citizens Bank's full line of cash management solutions.



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