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Furnishing a Law Office

Use a Flex Loan to implement these law office ideas from Citizens Bank

For potential clients, how your office space looks is often a reflection of the quality of your firm. If your law office needs a bit of an upgrade to keep up with business, a Business Flex Loan from Citizens Bank can help. Check out these law office ideas to redecorate or modernize your space, then apply for a furniture loan to finance furnishing the office.

Furnish an office space you've recently purchased or leased

Furnishing an empty office space may be the most expensive option, but it also allows you to be the most creative. Whether you own the space or plan to make leasehold improvements to a rented space, designing your office from the ground up gives you the opportunity to rebrand or create a more cohesive d'cor. As you renovate, you'll likely want private offices for each of your partners, a law library or collaborative work space, conference rooms and space for paralegals, associates and administrative assistants. You'll also need a reception area to greet clients.

Many modern law offices are choosing smaller spaces to save on rent, reducing libraries in favor of online resources and purchasing furniture with the health and well-being of their employees in mind. Also, simplicity is a more prominent theme than extravagance. Consider hiring an interior designer to handle furnishing an office from start to finish. They can help you decide on a modern or classic style and how the office should be laid out, as well as potentially save you money through the relationships they have with suppliers.

Replace outdated designs with a furniture loan

Have an already finished space but the furniture has become worn or dated? Want to rebrand or implement more environmentally sustainable designs? Need to update technology? Consider the following law office ideas to liven up your space and bring it into the 21st century:

  • Eliminate traditional cubicles in favor of more open floor plans for your associates.
  • Add some color to your conference rooms with bright walls or chairs.
  • Let light in by installing versatile, motorized shades and updating fixtures.
  • Create a welcoming reception area with couches, arm chairs, plants and room for refreshments.
  • Seek out decor made with green or renewable resources.
  • Make sure conference rooms have presentation equipment and ports or hookups for phones and laptop cables.
  • Improve environmental controls with automatic thermostats.
  • Order energy-efficient lighting and appliances like copy and fax machines.
  • Add an employee lounge or kitchen to promote gathering and sharing of ideas.
  • Choose furniture that is ergonomic for function and comfort.

Purchase furniture to accommodate new members of your practice

As your practice expands, your furniture needs will grow also. While sharing office space is more common among modern firms, you need to decide if this is right for your team. If your current space doesn't allow for much expansion, you may need to consider a business mortgage to purchase and renovate a new office.

When furnishing an office to accommodate new members, make sure you consider the furnishing needs beyond each individual's workstation. While it's obvious a partner will need his or her own office, desk, chair and bookshelf, what may be less obvious is the need for an additional chair in the conference room or collaborative space. This is especially true if you will have several new members joining the team at once.

Apply for a Business Flex Loan when furnishing an office for your law firm

The Business Flex Loan from Citizens Bank offers the convenient flexibility of a line of credit with the stability of a term loan, allowing you to obtain multiple business assets over a set period of time. Use the six month draw period to purchase all the new design elements and furniture you need for your new or renovated law office. Then, transition to amortized payments for the remainder of the term. The Business Flex Loan can be used on everything from leasehold improvements to new furnishings during the draw period. However, it's not available to startup companies in business fewer than six months. Speak to a Business Banker today to learn more about the financing options available to you when furnishing an office.



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