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A comprehensive, advisory program featuring a dedicated Relationship Manager who works with a team of specialists to proactively support your financial needs.

Questions? Ask a Citizen.
Questions? Ask a Citizen.

Citizens Premier - an exclusive program designed to assist you with your needs and provide advice and guidance.

A dedicated, experienced Premier Relationship Manager works proactively on your behalf along with a team of specialists with the acumen to help you with your longer-term goals, such as retirement savings, lending options, or specialized financial solutions for your business.

Advice and Guidance

Provided by a team of specialists with full, 360-degree support on:

  • Retirement planning
  • Lending options tailored for your credit and cash flow needs
  • Providing end-to-end solutions to address the complex needs of the business

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Your relationship manager will know you and your preferences.

  • A single point of contact
  • Proactive, regular outreach
  • Starts our proprietary 6-step Wealth Management Retirement process

Customized Citizens Retirement Check Up

Insight today on your retirement outlook tomorrow.

  • Immediate insight: takes less than 10 minutes
  • Identifies options: explores ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Annual updates: helps keep you on track

Exclusive Benefits

Access to our highest level of services and conveniences.

  • An experienced 24/7 Servicing Team
  • Education financing solutions
  • FX value with pre-set pricing and preferred exchange rates

Experience the difference a Premier Relationship Manager can make

Citizens Premier can help make managing your finances easier. To discuss your banking needs and service expectations, simply call 1-877-670-5200.

To enjoy Citizens Premier benefits, please have a deposit relationship of $100,000, or $200,000 in deposits and investments with Citizens Bank and Citizens Investment Services.

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