Programs & Services

Saving for a new car or home? Dreaming of that long overdue vacation? Want to build up your emergency funds? Our savings programs and services will help you reach the financial goals you’re aiming for.

GoalTrack Savings®

This program can be added to any eligible savings account, so you can set up automated transfers, track your savings goals and be rewarded when you meet those goals.

  • Bonus eligibility

    Bonuses are selected and redeemable only when you reach both your target timeframe and savings amount.


Set it and forget it. You’ll set a schedule for funds to be automatically transferred into your savings or money market account, so you can reach your financial goals faster.

  • Contribution limits

    No limit. You determine the amount of your transfer.

  • Frequency limits

    No limit. You determine how often the transfer occurs.

* Wireless carrier fees may apply. Banking fees may apply. Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App. You may download the Citizens Bank Mobile App allowing access to many of the same services and features available with your online banking service. You can view balances and activity for eligible credit and deposit accounts included in your online service. You may perform previously set up transfers between your Citizens Bank accounts or your existing external accounts. E-statements, transfer set-up and self-initiated services like stop payments are not available using your Citizens Bank Mobile Banking App.