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Fighting Hunger

We are committed to fighting hunger in our communities, because one hungry individual or family is one too many.

We are Citizens Helping Citizens Fight Hunger.

Citizens Helping Citizens Fight Hunger is a program dedicated to reducing food insecurity and hunger issues in our local communities.

Our Commitment

In September 2017, we announced our $1.2 million commitment to organizations within our communities to support food banks, food pantries, meal sites and other hunger relief organizations. Our contributions will provide 3.6 million meals to those in need, but there are still a lot of mouths to feed.

Our colleagues are also actively engaged in the fight against hunger, logging more than 5,000 hours for hunger based organizations. They donate their time, energy and resources to help our communities reach their potential.

Join in the Conversation

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to join in on the #HungerActionMonth conversation throughout September!

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