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GoalTrack Savings®

Create a savings goal and get rewarded when you achieve it. Whatever your financial goal, GoalTrack Savings can help.

Ready to open an Account?
Ready to open an Account?

GoalTrack Savings

GoalTrack Savings is a program that can be added to any eligible savings account to help and encourage you to save towards whatever is important to you—a new car, a vacation, or just to save for a rainy day.

Easily added through Online Banking, GoalTrack Savings offers features that make saving simple. Automatic transfers make contributing to your savings easy, while the account tracking page lets you review your activity, follow your progress, and check out potential bonuses. And it's all to help you get to your savings goal.

Enroll online, and if needed, set up a new savings account. You will need a savings account for each GoalTrack Savings goal you establish. If you would like assistance enrolling or to speak with someone about your savings needs, please call us or visit your local branch.

Get Started

Creating your savings goal within Citizens Bank Online Banking provides access to create and monitor your GoalTrack Savings goals.

To get started:

  1. Log into Citizens Bank Online Banking
  2. Select an existing eligible savings account, or open a new account.
  3. Enroll in GoalTrack Savings
  4. Set up automatic transfers and track your progress.
Eligible Accounts

Enroll a new or existing eligible savings account in the GoalTrack Savings program. Most savings accounts are eligible with the exception of CollegeSaver®. See program details for other product exclusions.

IRA Savings accounts can participate in GoalTrack Savings, but are not eligible for the bonus due to potential tax implications.

You may only have one active GoalTrack Savings goal for each eligible savings account, but you may have as many goals as you have eligible accounts.

Bonus Eligibility

Bonuses are achieved and redeemable only when you reach both your target timeframe and savings amount. At the end of each month, Citizens Bank will compare your balance against the savings balance required by the goal you created for that month. This amount will be your enrollment balance plus the monthly savings amounts for your plan for each month since enrollment.

Your eligibility for a bonus may be lost when your minimum savings amount and timeframe for the goal are not met, or if you do not save the minimum monthly amount and meet your target balance for two consecutive months.

Once you achieve your goal amount and time frame, you will be notified electronically that a bonus is available, with instructions on how to redeem your bonus. You will have 6 months to redeem your bonus before it expires.

Your bonus eligibility will be lost if you cancel your GoalTrack Savings goal, or close the savings account associated with the program.

You may use GoalTrack Savings without electing to receive a bonus.

Bonus Values

The potential value of your bonus depends on your savings goal and time frame, and is based on the additional savings beyond your account balance at enrollment.

To be eligible for the minimum bonus value, you must save at least $25/month for eight months above your balance at the time of enrollment.

The maximum bonus value of $250 is earned when you save at least $400/month for 36 months in addition to your opening balance. Saving more, or for a longer period, will not increase the maximum bonus value available. Examples of the bonus values and participating retailers can be found below.

GoalTrack Savings Bonus Information

Monthly Savings
Months $25-$49 $50-$99 $100-$199 $200-$399 $400+
8-11 Merchant
$5 gift card $5 gift card $10 gift card $20 gift card
12-17 $5 gift card $5 gift card $10 gift card $20 gift card $40 gift card
18-23 $5 gift card $10 gift card $20 gift card $40 gift card $75 gift card
24-35 $10 gift card $20 gift card $40 gift card $75 gift card $100 gift card
36+ $20 gift card $40 gift card $75 gift card $100 gift card $250 gift card

Participating Retailers (the level of participation varies):

Applebees’s Lowe’s
BP Macy’s
CVS Target
Dunkin Donuts The Home Depot
ExxonMobil Walmart
Panera Bread Best Buy
Pizza Hut Marriott
Starbucks Hyatt
Shell National

See program details for other GoalTrack Savings terms and conditions.

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